I’m a storyteller

I believe that there’s a story behind every face.

My father played a big role in my curiosity of stories during my childhood. He is a painter and always taught me to watch for the smaller details in life. To fill my time, everyday during the summer he would assign me a portrait assignment. He would take out one of his numerous books on paintings and have me duplicate a portrait. He told me to notice the expressions and the small nuances of the face.

My favorites were the paintings of Norman Rockwell. I loved that each painting was a slice of life, unposed and candid containing so much life. Through time I realized that drawing a portrait is not just putting a pair of eyes, nose and mouth on paper, but capturing the life and story behind it.

That’s how I’ve been molded as a photographer. My goal is not to capture smiling faces and figures, binding them within the edges of an 8×10. My objective is seeing the life behind every pair of eyes, and capturing that in every photo. Life is unscripted and so is my photography. I hope to truly capture the beauty in each spontaneous moment and tell a story.

Photography was my first love and I knew it from the moment I picked up my first 35mm film camera in high school. I went on to study fine arts and design in college and spent years in the design industry. All these years have made me a better artist and designer. So when I found my way back to photography, I realized that I’ve become a different sort of a photographer entirely. I see light, colors, and composition with a much more trained set of eyes.

Today I’m a mother and a photographer seeking to capture my family’s moments and the moments that are dear to my clients. One day it is a dream of mine to broaden my horizons and capture images and stories around the world. Telling stories that scream to be told.