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I feel extremely fortunate to have a job where I’m constantly meeting good people. Hung and Trang are selfless and giving. This has been evident throughout the entire wedding planning. I saw the 2 of them talking and really listening to each other’s desires and needs. This wedding itself blends together traditions that honor their heritage as well as their desire for modern style and great taste.

The day was started like any traditional Vietnamese wedding where the groom goes to the bride’s house to win her from her family. There are firecrackers that announces the wedding and a whole roasted pig (along with many other goodies) as a part of the processional. The bride and groom then gives honor to the family’s ancestors. Hung’s beloved father was remembered and honored on the altar with other passed relatives. A tea ceremony then takes place where each family member is invited to give the couple gifts of gold, jewelry, money, and other blessings. This is then repeated at the groom’s family residence with full Vietnamese regalia.

But no modern wedding is complete without the bride in a beautiful white gown walking down the aisle. So they headed over to The Ranch Golf Course where a full western wedding was waiting to happen. Trang changed in and out of a total of 4 outfits throughout the day. But she had on her Valentinos all day long…oh, her Valentinos! Trang from all our meetings and photo shoots is very shy and quiet. But by the end of the wedding, she was rolling around in grass, jumping around, and having the time of her life while Hung and his groomsmen were doing Anchorman impressions. This is what it feels like to be marrying the love of your life…you can’t stop giggling.

Thank you, Hung and Trang for inviting me into your lives with your families for this big day. It was a privilege, and so much fun!

groomsmen in gray father lighting candles bride in ao dai entrance traditional vietnamese dress black white exchange of rings red vietnamese wedding burning of incense prayers before the altar pictures of relatives firecrackers smoke and sparks loud firecrackers groomsmen looking on cups of tea for ceremony tea ceremony whole roast pig yellow white brides bouquet yellow on gray boutonniere cheering on the bride and groom red ao dai white bouquet vietnamese bride and attendants groomsmen standing close groomsmen anchorman pose jumping for joy girl talk on the bed putting on tie grooms accessories getting ready in mirror yellow gray bouquets modern yellow boutonnieres brides shoes with a bow attendants helping the bride getting ready close-ups first look in front of fountain bride approaching groom guess who first embrace sneak a peek bride with mother shy flower girl here comes the bride down the aisle exchanging of vows stolen embrace hilltop kiss nuzzling on a grassy knoll feet up lying in the grass a peak into the reception city in the night


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    The pictures are awesome! Thanks Calvina.

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