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sweet moment with dad

I’m sorry I’ve been off blogging for so long. There’s been something wrong with the backend of my website and I’ve been working with technical support for weeks trying to get everything resolved. Though there are still some issues, I’m at least able to get something up! This blog is long over due as you see, this little family just had ANOTHER baby last week.

I’m extremely behind on blogging, so when I went over the images for this shoot, I got goosebumps. Because I realized it is one of my all time favorite shoots. A lot of times my clients ask me where is the favorite place I’ve photographed. Though I can give a response based on my own enjoyment of being there for the process, the location usually have little correlation to how much I love the results of the shoot. And this shoot proves that.

My approach to photography comes from seeing the beauty that already exists inside of people. Who they are, the sparkle in their eyes, their relationships, how much they love each other, their simplicity, how they see their surroundings…etc. So the location usually offers a backdrop that enhances their story. That is unless this location has a special place in their lives, then it become a part of their story.

I love this shoot so much because I’m in love with the beauty of the mundane. I still get stirred looking back at this shoot years later. It was set in a simple home in a simple town, this shoot is simply about them in their daily routine being themselves. Most people don’t realize how beautiful they are going about their daily lives, but those are precisely the moments you’d want to hold on to. This post is not about beautiful archways, pretty gardens, or the ocean waves. It’s not about sunsets, architecture, or impeccable furniture laid out just right. It’s about what the way a father feels while holding his baby, it’s about the way the mom beams when she kisses her son’s toes, it’s about quiet moments in the backyard, it’s about how much comfort a set of grandparents bring to a home. These little moments will be the most precious memories engrained in this little babies mind for the rest of his life.

father kissing toes black and white baby boy hot air balloon sweet baby and mom connection sleeping child with his binky baby on the changing table love of a mother kisses on baby feet napping with grandmother and mom playing in the bedroom grandfather and grandmother black and white three generations of family grandparents on the back porch parents as a loving couple baby feet cuddle with dad sweet moment with dad peek into a moment with mother story time in the garden playing music in the backyard sacramento exploring the guitar sweet sleeping baby holding daddys finger baby sandwich rancho cordova

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