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I first photographed the Ho family in 2011. Their little girl was just a baby then. Over the years it’s been so wonderful to see this little family grow and grow. This past November, Jason (the father) went into surgery to receive an organ transplant. They were hoping that he would come out of it with better health. However, no one could have expected that his heart would stop during the surgery. The lack of oxygen to his brain caused a severe brain injury that left him in a coma for 2 weeks.

Luckily he emerged from that coma and has slowly regained consciousness and now going through intense rehab therapy. The recovery has been painfully slow and it can take over a year to see his full potential. He has now been in the hospital for 4 months.

With a little girl of three and a baby to raise. My friend Evelyn (the mother) has an enormous burden on her shoulders. There is significant financial, emotional, and physical strain on this family.

I’m personally inspired by their strength. Evelyn’s heart is a deep well where there is so much love that flows for her husband and her children even through this hard time. I’m inspired by Jason’s desire to keep fighting to get better so that he can return to them.

Please help support this family financially by making a donation HERE. When you do, please leave a comment under this post with your email, so I can contact you. I will then send over a little thank you in the mail!

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