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framed by trees orchard

Van and Anthony are in love with the outdoors. So when planning their wedding, Nestldown was the first and most important item in their planning. Everything fell into place after that…a match made in heaven. This beautiful location brought out the simplicity of this couple and the purity of their love. There was very little that needed to be done other than just to be themselves. Van and Anthony are quirky and fun. They valued the friends and family that are close to them, and this day was all about enjoying the warmth of their company.

This wedding will go on record as one of the simplest and most beautiful weddings I’ve photographed. Van and Anthony are no muss and no fuss, keeping everything down to the minimal. But everything they did do, they did with heart and so much style. Instead of doing the traditional first dance and dance with parents, they hired a dance instructor to lead the entire party into a time of twirling, dipping, and stepping fun.

This was my first time photographing at Nestldown in Los Gatos up in the Santa Cruz Mountains. You can’t help but to be completely enchanted as soon as you step foot onto the property. It is completely magical. Nestldown was once primarily used for non-profits benefiting disadvantaged or disabled individuals. With a very similar business structure of my own in social service, I couldn’t help but take notice. The people I worked with at here were some of the most attentive I’ve worked with in the industry. I’ve never endorsed a wedding location so vehemently, and I hope I will have many more opportunities to photograph here again.

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  1. Lan   /  

    Gorgeous! Great job Calvina! You captured the magic.

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