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playing in the meadow golden grasses

I remember when I first heard that the U.S. would begin issuing new quarter-dollar coins. They would issue over 50 new designs each representing a state. I remember being eager to know what the California coin would look like. I had already imagined the Golden Gate Bridge being the center of it. However when the first California quarter landed in my hands, I was surprised that it was not the Golden Gate Bridge, but it was the Half Dome of Yosemite that graced the face of the new quarter-dollar coin. I then went on my first trip back to Yosemite in my adulthood and I marveled at the glorious glacier cut landscape that took my breath away. I said to myself “THAT’S why Yosemite is on the California quarter!”

The beauty of Yosemite never escaped Bobby and Jacque. They are a beautiful couple who spends as much of their free time finding adventures in nature as they could muster. Yosemite became a place where many of their stories were made. One of the stories became how Bobby proposed to Jacque in a meadow, and now we can add to it the story of their wedding.

The loveliness of Yosemite only served as a backdrop of something even more beautify…love and family. I met Bobby through his mother, Mary Jane whom I met in Palm Springs last year. We became fast friends. I love hearing her stories and I never seem to get tired of them.  I first got a glimpse of Bobby and Jacque through her heart. As I got to know them better, and their story became tightly woven and I later photographed them through their eyes for each other. This wedding made me feel like a part of their lives and a part of a warm and amazing family. Congratulations, Bobby and Jacque! Thank you for letting me be a part of it!

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    Wow! That’s some breathtaking, beautiful work, Calvina!! Lovely!

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