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 I’m excited to announce I have been selected to share my vision and work
at the Adventure Always Conference this October in Long Beach, California!

But first, I want to share with you why I think this conference is so invaluable. This is a community that has transformed the way I am an artist and the way I see my business. From the very beginning of my photography career, I was lucky enough to have met Jesh de Rox (the brilliant brain behind Adventure Always) who helped me to see that artistry starts from the depth of who I am. And over time, I’ve gained step after courageous step into letting myself go to explore parts of the world as well as parts of myself that have always been scary for me.

Jesh has a keen knack of developing carefree, loving, crazy fun communities with jaw dropping depth. I am inspired and refreshed every single time I step foot into any of his events. They are always unexpected and never the same. And I never ever regret making the invest in time and money to be there. I promise you that you will walk away with ideas, inspiration, friendships, and even pieces of yourself that you’ve never seen before while empowered to experience and create more.

I will be sharing my work this year. And I hope you will be there to see and hear it!

WHAT:   Artists & creatives gather for 2.5 days & nights of mind-blowing inspiration, unforgettable conversations and wild adventure…

WHEN:   October 21-23, 2013

WHERE:   Long Beach, California (Los Angles area) aboard the Queen Mary Cruise ship.

WHO:   For artists, creatives and troublemakers of all kinds who are interested in producing meaningful work & living fascinating lives.

WHY:   Because this might just be the best decision you make for yourself (and your business) all year!

HOW:   Visit to reserve your space! {use promo code: WILD for $100 off}


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