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siblings having little chat

I took a walk with my kids yesterday. Correction, I was walking the dog while they were on their bikes. They’re getting older by the day and life as a family has picked up so quickly. I’m usually following them on my own bike whipping through the neighborhood. But I took the time to slow it down and take it in this time.

We walked pass our favorite willow tree where my daughter once loved to spend a good half hour picking up leaves, the picnic bench where we sat down to have a slow lunch looking at the lake while my son questioned me about the world, and the bridge over the water where we’d throw breadcrumbs for the ducks. I remember that despite how much life seemed like a whirlwind with little ones, how much we were forced to slow down for them to enjoy all the little things in life and take their time discovering the world. Now they are zipping through town on their bikes…and soon in their cars while forgetting to stop and pick up the leaves fallen from trees. I walked through the neighborhood a little misty eyed remembering those times.

Going through these images of the Kuo family today reminds me to slow down, and enjoy mundane moments at the park. At the time they felt like a daily chore of keeping the kids busy and entertained, but looking back they are a colorful collection of memories that cling to my heart. We live each day not realizing how we will feel about these memories years from now. They will have a bigger presence than we will ever know.

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