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When I heard Rachel Wagner’s music for the first time I only realized at the end of the song that I had completely stopped everything I was doing. She had totally captivated me. I will tell you more about her later in my full post. But please take the time to click on her link to sample her new album, Untold. My favorite song is “Blackberries.” I hope I did her beauty justice.


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  1. Nicolette Manning   /  

    Thank you for sharing! I now have new music to look forward to!! Oh… and your pictures are lovely, Calvina. 🙂

  2. Dorothy Unterholzner   /  

    When you have such a lovely subject you are certain to get lovely pictures….she is my daughter after all….

  3. Ash Ruff   /  

    Your pictures look beautiful and nice photographs by Calvina. You are a good singer. Goodbye for now. PS Matt Ruff was here.

  4. Susan Sutton   /  

    Beautiful pictures and beautiful young woman!!!

  5. Ngoc   /  

    Love your blog. Beautiful photos. I’ve checked out Rachel’s music and fell in love instantly. My favorite is Untold. Thanks for the ref.

  6. Rose Aura   /  

    Wow! You really captured her soul here. Love your style and eye! Great job! 🙂

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