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Tuan called me about a year ago. We talked a while on the phone and he told me about how he’s very much in love with his girlfriend and he wanted me to capture their love story. What guy does that anymore?! I thought this girl found herself a keeper for sure.

Tuan is a designer who now resides in the East Bay. He met Bao Han while he was still a grad student studying architecture. Their love developed slowly and sweetly over a period of time. He finally won her heart over with his thoughtfulness and the way he shared her love of the arts, music, and literature. Needless to say, a lot of their time together is spent visiting museums and listening to music.

There were two memories that were very poignant for him. They were sharp moments that made him realize how much he meant to his beloved. The first moment happened when Bao Han visited Tuan in his studio. After working late into the evening she worried about him biking home in the dark. So she drove behind him lighting his path until he was safely home. The other was when he was completing his thesis in architecture and she helped him hand cut thousands of trees for his model. She did all this while she was hundreds of miles away. He later dedicated his entire thesis to her.

Don’t we ALL have memories like this that we want to hold on to with all our power? I’m happy I was able capture them so Tuan and Bao Han Can relive them over and over through their photographs.

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  1. Cindy   /  

    what a sweet love story! And of course i love all the images you’ve captured of them.

    • Calvina   /  

      thank you cindy! 🙂

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