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Going through these pictures from the summer make me so happy and warm inside. Over Labor Day weekend I had the privilege to tag along with this fun group for a reunion of family and friends. Cheri’s parents were married at the Indian Springs Resort and Spa and through the years her family has separately vacationed in this special spot. This year was the first time they all made and effort to all be together at the same time.

The long weekend was filled with good food, BBQ’s, summer activities and just some good ol’ quality down time with loved ones. They were so gracious to even invite my family to join in for some of the fun. We all swam in this olympic size mineral pool that is naturally heated and sanitized by a hot spring. Amazing! I’ve never felt so warm swimming at 10pm while staring at the stars. Lovely time! It was so great meeting you all friends! I’ll see you again next year.

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  1. Juamjerz   /  

    I saw all your pictures, and i think that you’re the most amazing photographer in the world. I love every image, every color, every smile… i cant believe it.
    You´re in the perfect moment making magic.
    Continue doing that!
    Im from Argentina.

    • Calvina   /  

      dear friend. i’m so touched by your words! thank you, thank you!!!

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