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This amazing wedding in Sausalito holds a special place in my heart. You were first introduced to Lexie and Nick HERE. I have been looking forward their wedding for so long. Having worked with them before I knew their wedding would not disappoint. They are fun, creative, kind, expressive, and just drop dead gorgeous. Yes, Lexie and Nick…I’m talking about you two!

The bride and groom were accompanied by a fun bunch that made my job easy. From parents to grandparents, from siblings to friends, this crowd kept me and each other laughing. The foreground subjects were only made better by the amazing backdrop of Sausalito. Growing up I remember visiting Sausalito a few times, and each occasion I was struck by the beauty of the marina. It is by far one of the most stunning views of the Bay where you can see San Francisco in panorama. Every thing was tied together by the thoughtful details of zebra and peacock. No one could miss the shoes that matched the cake and the peacock feathers that found their way into everyone’s hearts and hair. It was perfect.

Lexie and Nick, you truly are perfect for each other. Thank you for inviting me into your lives!

Ceremony: Sausalito Presbyterian Church
Reception: OnDine Sausalito

Comments: 2
  1. lynnkaichao   /  

    that ring shot is gorgeous!!

  2. Albuquerque Wedding Photographers   /  

    The shot looking out the window at the reception is beautiful, but I really love the party walking in the street. Wonderful!

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