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As a photographer, I think my greatest strengths are story telling and seeing small details often missed by others. So when I meet a client who is willing to make use of what I can do best, the results are AMAZING!!!

I am so grateful to meet my client and friend Kathy. She is a designer with such an eye for beauty. A joy to be around, she exudes enthusiasm for life, food, art, and sharing everything she loves with those around her. So I spent some time getting to know her and her family. We had coffee, chatted, and had great food. This is what they do best, taking the time to enjoy life. I loved the opportunity to document what they have together. A beautiful home, the joy of food, laughter, and a genuinely loving relationship with one another.

Thank you for sharing your life with me, I am so blessed by you!


Comments: 4
  1. Manus Chau   /  

    awesome series. like it.

  2. anh   /  

    Yes amazing result…and AMAZING photographer 😉

  3. courtney b   /  

    that last photo is just GOREGOUS! love your work!!!

    • Calvina   /  

      thank you courtney! 🙂

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