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Meet Cindy and Daniel, the fabulous photographers of Orange Turtle Photography located in San Diego, CA. Cindy and I have known each since college and since then both started our own photography businesses. We’re always cheering each other on. I think she’s great!

Recently the dynamic duo came up north to attend Daniel’s brother’s graduation. I cornered them to fulfill my dream of being in a picture with my family. So we do what photographers do…we shoot swap. I took pictures of them, and they too pictures of me and my family (SEE HERE!!!) It was terribly rainy but I was determined to get into some pictures, so armed with umbrellas and raincoats we marched on. The sky cleared up for just long enough for us to get a short little session in, the sun even made a show. But the moment we got back into the car it started pouring again. It was just beautiful!

Thank you Cindy and Daniel for our lovely pictures! And I hope you enjoy these!


Comments: 7
  1. cindy   /  

    awww LOVE THEM!! 🙂 Thanks so much Calvina! I love the first one by the tree! So awesome! I should print it on a canvas! 🙂 haha

  2. Calvina   /  

    So glad you like them Cindy! 🙂

  3. Yee   /  

    These are fantastic shots of a fantastic couple – nice work!

  4. Candy Sohn   /  

    Great pics! You totally captured the Lowes so perfectly.

  5. Calvina   /  

    Thank you Yee and Candy!

  6. david   /  

    wow!! excellent shots! =) very sweet too.

  7. Tracy Ingram   /  

    Awesome shots, Calvina! Love how you post processed them too!

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