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Here’s a little Halloween treat! There is nothing like a little Halloween photo shoot! We did this session at a lovely little garden in San Ramon. It was a real garden full of fruits and vegetables. With grandparents and grandkids in tow we had a great time picking apples and stomping through the garden.


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  1. Peggy   /  

    Thanks so much for the coming out to take pictures of my family. We really had a great time with you and it was so relaxing. I love how all the pictures turned out!

  2. Kathy Lee   /  

    Great family photos! I love how you can sense that is was a nice fall day! Very natural….

  3. Bonnie   /  

    Nice pics!

  4. Pearl   /  

    You have a beautiful family! I love their costumes.

  5. betty   /  

    would’ve been neat if everyone dressed up in their halloween costume for the family pic =) no pic of your younger brother by himself? we esp. like the photo of your parents =) location is much nicer than central park in SM.

  6. Dana   /  

    They look very nice!

  7. Adora   /  

    Love all the pictures, especially the family apply picking one and the solo shot of your oldest niece!

  8. Jill Roman   /  

    Wow, the pics look great Peggy! What a fun setting for a photo shoot!

  9. Monique   /  

    Beautiful & lovely pics!!!! All the precious moments are captured forever.

  10. Rosa   /  

    These are awesome pictures! All of them are great. Everyone is so happy 🙂 I love the setting, too! Thanks for sharing.

  11. Winnie   /  

    Great pictures! I love Logan’s expression on the first family photo. So cute!

  12. Mikki   /  

    LOVE THE PICTURES!!! So artistic and yet casual. And a great local too!!

  13. Cheryl   /  

    Peggy, these pictures are so well-taken! They really capture the spirit of your family in the moment. I like the Thomas the Train outfit too. Very cute!

  14. Francisco Chong   /  

    Nice! Very tasteful and nice contrast of colors. Pictures look like they are from a magazine.

  15. Sandra   /  

    Love them! very natural, and shows a very happy fmaily!

  16. Calvina   /  

    Thank you for all the lovely comments everyone!

  17. Tina   /  

    Your family pictures turned out wonderful. I love all the pictures of the kids.

  18. Kathy Kwok   /  

    What great family pics! I especially love the one with Logan making the funny face–I love his little personality! =)

  19. Delia   /  

    The pictures came out really nice! What a nice setting.

  20. Brad   /  

    These pictures exceeded my expectations. Thanks, Calvina!

  21. Monica Lennon   /  

    How precious and immaculate these pictures are! You have such a beautiful family, Brad and Pegyy :). Thanks for sharing!

  22. Donabel Marable McClendon   /  

    Great pictures. I love the casual style and colors. Love the innocense that was captured in every photo.

  23. Patty   /  

    Nice family pics. Well done!

  24. dickon   /  

    very nice! tastefully done.

  25. Calvina   /  

    Thank you everyone for your kind comments!

    Peggy and Brad…I am soooo happy that you’re pleased! 🙂

  26. Myong   /  

    The pictures turned out beautifully. I love that shots are natural and unposed. The filter and lighting on each scene captures a modern-vintage feel which I am fond of.

  27. Danica   /  

    Nice pictures! Thanks for sharing Peggy.

  28. carrie ng   /  

    cute kids. happy family!!

  29. maggie   /  

    wonderful pictures!

  30. maggie   /  

    wonderful pics!

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