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I’m excited to post pictures from my shoot with Sierra Child and Family Services. They provide residential, educational and community based programs for emotionally disturbed girls and boys in Northern California. The kids they reach out to face challenges that include histories of mental health disorders, learning disabilities, and in some cases, physical or sexual abuse and neglect. Some of the images here are of their Equine Assisted Psychotherapy program which as been very therapeutic and effective in at-risk youth and families.

I had an amazing time at the shoot. Seeing in person what their facilities look like and what they do was eye opening. The place was spacious, beautiful, and serene. I can definitely see how watching the horses gallop and the sheep herds can give one a sense of peace and purpose.

I really feel that I’m put on Earth to tell meaningful stories such as this one.


Comments: 4
  1. Sarah   /  

    Cal…these are amazing and touching!

  2. Winnie   /  

    I LOVE these pictures!!!

    • Calvina   /  

      Thank you Winnie and Sarah! 🙂

  3. cindy   /  

    I want to work there with these kids, and horses! 🙂

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