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Winnie and Mark got married this weekend. It rocked! It was gorgeous, touching, and meaningful. There was so much beauty in every detail. But what was most beautiful and touching to me was how the wedding was not only a union between the bride and groom. It was apparent that with God as center, they did everything to include little Paige in their big day. They kept telling her “We’re a family!”

The first image below made my heart leap out of my chest the first time I saw it outside of my camera. I hope you all love it as much as I do!


Comments: 3
  1. Anh   /  

    I can see why you were so excited! Gorgeous details…

  2. ahmed   /  

    Love the first two shots… the kiss with shoes in the hand.. and the b/g in to corner… very nice Calvina…

  3. Kim Farrell   /  

    Oh Cal…. That first shot is to DIE FOR!!!! Winnie! Gorgeous!!!!!!! Love love love!!!

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