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Facebook is such a wonderful thing. I’ve become reconnected with people I’ve lost touch with for years. I haven’t seen or heard from Anh since she graduation from high school one year before I did. I remember spending time with her in orchestra, P.E. and art class…etc. I also remember her perfect scripted handwriting and the graceful way she signed her name.

Somehow I reconnected with her on Facebook and we found that we still share a lot in common. One thing of which is she also loves photography. Like all who wield a camera, we never have pictures of ourselves in our family portraits. I was delighted when she asked me to take pictures of her family. I had a blast meeting them for the first time. Of course, I did my best to fit her in as many pictures as I possibly could!


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  1. Reesie   /  

    Oh wow Cal… I love all of these! What I like the most is how you captured how fun they seem, and yes they do seem like a very fun and connected family. I hope that when I have a family, I can have such beautiful photos as these of us too! Haha… I might have to hire you whenever I get around to having a baby.

  2. Calvina   /  

    oh, thank you so much for your sincere words reesie! so are you guys thinking about having a family?!!! i would be sooooo happy to take pix of you and your baby! but i’m sure he/she will have plenty great ones from oh so talented you!

  3. Anh   /  

    One of all time fav family photo shoot – ok so I’m just a little biased ;o) Thank you again for capturing our spirit with such magical and fun touch.

  4. Christy   /  

    gorgeous family!! where is the location?

  5. Calvina   /  

    Dear Anh, it was such a pleasure! I’m just glad they lived up to your creative expectations. 🙂

  6. Calvina   /  

    Christy, thank you! this is located at a beach in Alameda.

  7. faiza   /  

    Hey, how gorgeous those pictures are !!! I really like them all !

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