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When I first got a call from Virginia, the first thing she told me is that she is a proud great-grandmother. And she wanted to celebrate her 65th wedding anniversary by photographing the 4 generations in her family. That is incredible, I have never met anyone who have celebrated a 65 anniversary! She is so lovely and what an honor to work with each and everyone in this family.

Virginia’s husband just had knee surgery right before our shoot and was not very mobile. But it was very touching to see how everyone came together to help him out. If I survive to my 65th anniversary, I would like the picture of my life to look like theirs. Happy Anniversary!



Comments: 4
  1. Trizza Grantham   /  

    Very nice session! Looks like you were working with some gorgeous light!

  2. Calvina   /  

    thanks trizza! the lighting was actually very tricky that day. it was at 4:00, so the sun was very harsh and pretty high up. so i had to do some clever maneuvering of the camera and subjects. 🙂

  3. karri   /  

    Large groups scare me. looks like you’ve mastered them! Outstanding.

  4. Calvina   /  

    thanks so much karri!

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